A Culinary Celebration of Organic Harvest

Farm to Table movements around the world strive to strengthen the link between local, farm-fresh produce and the food that we eat.  This type of events, for many years celebrated in North America and Europe, is currently the only one celebrated in Mexico and, thanks to chef Alastair Porteous from Water’s Edge Bistro Mazatlan, has now succeeded for its third year in a row since 2014.

Nestled just a few feet from rows of organic crops is Farm to Table; a Mediterranean-style meal that includes platters of seafood, meat, pasta, salads, & desserts, paired with cocktails, wine, craft beer, and coffee.  Live music contributes to make a memorable afternoon on the farm that promises to delight the senses.

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For each edition, regional chefs invite you to celebrate the flavors of our local, organic harvest with a gala banquet sitting amongst the most beautiful natural restaurant, the fields of Mr. Jesús Lizárraga: “Chuy’s” just 20 minutes outside Mazatlan where our Chefs prepare and cook haute cuisine dishes before our eyes right after selecting and cutting their own ingredients in this large garden. A one-of-a-kind experience!

A great celebration bringing people and cultures together showcasing the relationship between the chef and the farmer!

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How it all started

Having been a chef for over 25 years, Chef Alastair has witnessed and participated of the great culinary trends. From French nouvelle cuisine to Asian influence on fusion dishes.

“In 2014 I wanted to find a unique way of showcasing the relationship between the chef, the farmer and bountiful harvest of organic vegetables that were being produced through out the Mazatlan region of Sinaloa, when asked by my friend and organic farmer Chuy Lizárraga what I had in mind, I replied, as a Chef in Canada one of the most inspiring times of the year was the harvest, with that in mind farm to table was born”-Chef Alastair Porteous

Different personalities of the international society already attest to this unique experience in Mexico. The international Farm-to-Table movement aims to make us aware of the origin of our food, to see where and how our vegetables are grown and the process that they follow before seeing them in the supermarket, thus strengthening the relationship with producers of nearby farms.

Farm to table has become a unique way of bringing people and cultures together, united in a common bond: great food, great conversation, and great memories.


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#Farmtotablemazatlan is a limited seating, family style, annual banquet.

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